Student Life at KCS

At Kalamazoo Christian School, students have the opportunity to develop their whole person both inside and out of the classroom. In addition to forging relationships within our school’s tight-knit community, students also participate in extensive offerings in the arts (Performing Arts in Middle and High School, Choir and Band) academic clubs (National Honor Society and Student Council)  internships, and athletic programs allowing students to develop their character, leadership, and cooperation within teams. In addition, our school provides multiple occasions per year when older students provide mentorship to younger students.

A culture of giving and hospitality among our student body extends welcome to newcomers and visitors. Our Student Ambassadors promote smooth integration for new students with careful training and oversight by our Advancement Office Personnel.

At KCS, a student’s experience will include intentional exposure to growth within a community context that includes wonderful experiences and events, creating memories to last a lifetime. Whether they are cheering on their classmates at an athletic event, participating in student groups like yearbook or choir or gathering in the chapel for a special prayer service, students are involved, engaged and living fully, defined not just by what they study, but who they become.