High School Graduation Requirements

Every high school student deserves the opportunity of graduation, so we at Kalamazoo Christian High School like to make sure that each student knows what they need to get there. Take a look below to see a full breakdown of the required credits for each student at KCHS.

Scheduling Resources

23 total credits are required for graduation

English/4 credits

  • Freshman English/1 credit
  • American Literature/.5 credit
  • Speech/.5 credit
  • World Literature/.5 credit
  • Media Literature/.5 credit

Seniors must take either:

  • Advanced Composition/.5 credit AND one additional English elective/.5 credit OR AP English/1 credit
  • Mathematics/2 credits
  • Science/2 credits
    • Physical Science/1 credit
    • Biology/1 credit
  • Social Studies/3 credits
    • World History/1 credit
    • U.S. History/1 credit
    • Government/.5 credit
    • Psychology/.5 credit OR Sociology/.5 credit
  • Bible/2 credits
    • One semester of Bible each year
  • Fine Arts/.5 or 1 credit
    • Basic Art/.5 credit
    • Choir/1 credit
    • Band/1 credit
  • Computers/.5 credits
    • Computer Applications/.5 credit
  • Physical Education/1 credit
    • Health/P.E./1 credit
  • Applied Arts/.5 credits
    • Any course from Technology, Computers or Family Sciences