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Kalamazoo Christian Elementary School provides a solid foundation for our students’ Christian faith as well as their academic growth. Through a curriculum that integrates God’s Word and teachings into all subjects and areas of life, students are taught that they have a special place in God’s kingdom. Meanwhile, a comprehensive elementary experience prepares students for the next stage in their educational journey.

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About the Elementary

Kalamazoo Christian Elementary School currently enrolls 373 students in grade K-4. Each student’s education is enriched by the dedication of our talented staff along with frequent parent involvement. Unique to the Elementary, students learn how to swim, perform in seasonal programs for Christmas and Easter, lead in chapels, and sing lively programs for Grandparents Day.

KCES has also developed a Parents and Educators in Partnership (PEP) program to organize and support school events and extracurricular activities that promote fellowship, fundraising, and academic fun. Some examples include a Carnival, Father/Daughter Dance, and a Mother/Son event.

Students in the 4th grade are prepared and ceremoniously “graduated” to the middle school wing in a celebration involving the whole K-8 campus.

Kalamazoo Christian Elementary School

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