Academics at Kalamazoo Christian Schools

Focused on providing a well-rounded, Christ-centered education to every student, Kalamazoo Christian Schools equipp, inspire, and challenge students by offering rigorous courses across disciplines. This allows our students to discover their unique callings, talents, future goals and dreams.

KCS is accredited by Christian Schools International. Our teachers, administration, and Board participate in an extensive accreditation process on a five year rotation, looking deeply into our teaching practices, student growth, professional development, finances, communication as well as parent and employee satisfaction. The result of the Accreditation Review guides our Strategic Plan for the coming years as we consistently strive to be leaders in the Kalamazoo Community. The platform of our curriculum stems from but are not limited to Michigan State Standards. We select high quality resources, textbooks, and activities guided by our knowledgeable teachers who capably integrate Christian perspectives across curricular content. 93% of our teachers hold Michigan State eCertification, and 50% of our teachers hold advanced degrees. Many of our staff have lived or extensively travel internationally bringing, culturally diverse and well-rounded perspectives to our educational programs. Teachers are supported by the School Board’s Education Committee, made up of Board members and parents who continually provide guidance and evaluate educational practices, allowing us to adapt to the changing needs of the current generation.

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