Accomplishing Our Mission & Faithlines

Continuously carrying out our mission, we also envision that each graduate will become a “disciple who transforms the world.” We shape our students through offering ongoing opportunities for students and faculty to delve deeply into nine qualities of discipleship with the hope that these practices will develop into lifelong habits.

Mission Statement

An academically excellent Christian community equipping, inspiring, and challenging students to love and serve Christ in the world.

Academically Excellent: 

Through dynamic programming provided by high-quality, certified teachers and staff, Kalamazoo Christian Schools enable students to achieve their God-given potential based on their gifts and abilities.

Christian Community: 

The Kalamazoo Christian School community includes Christian families, teachers, staff, coaches, churches, faith leaders, and classmates. 


Kalamazoo Christian Schools nurture students academically, emotionally & spiritually so they possess the necessary knowledge & skills to be productive, Christian citizens of this world.


Kalamazoo Christian Schools ignite a passion within students by modelling Christ-like living and providing pathways for students to develop their talents and purpose.


Kalamazoo Christian Schools create stimulating environments & opportunities that stretch our students to reach their full potential.

Love Christ in the World: 

Because of our love for Christ and His love for us, Kalamazoo Christian Schools encourage students to see others and the world through His eyes. 

Serve Christ in the World

We broaden students’ experiences so they develop a heart for others and respond by serving in their spheres of influence with Christ-like compassion.


To be disciples who transform the world.

Core Values

  1. Christ-Centered Focus 
  2. Academically Excellent Environment 
  3. Biblical Worldview Instruction
  4. Christian Faculty & Staff 
  5. Caring and Welcoming Community 
  6. Educating children of Christian families

The Faithlines we have adopted are:

The Strategic Plan of Kalamazoo Christian Schools is a “living” document of vision-casting and ongoing school improvement. The current document was adopted after Focus Group Feedback at Town Hall style meetings in February and March of 2019. These important priorities for the future have been identified by those who love, pray, and care for our children and our schools.

Priorities 2020-2023

Educational Philosophy Statement

Multicultural, Multiracial Philosophy Statement

Foundational Beliefs and Positional Statement