Guidance for Christian High School Students

Kalamazoo Christian High School students have a variety of guidance opportunities offered to them that can help through high school and beyond. At KCHS, we do everything we can to ensure that our students have the resources they need to continue their education effectively. From our counseling center to resources for students looking at continuing to higher education after they finish high school, KCHS has everything to help students succeed.

The Goals of the Counsling Center are:

To develop a relationship with students based on trust and confidentiality so that students can feel comfortable coming in with any number of issues.

To provide a sanctuary for students in difficult or high-stress times. Crisis intervention and personal counseling are provided; referrals to private counseling services are also available if requested.

To encourage and provide support for students in academic danger.

To help students plan for their future, with academic planning as well as college and career planning.

To consult with teachers, staff, and parents to ensure the success of students.

To provide standardized testing services which assist students in evaluation their abilities and preparing for college.