Kalamazoo Christian Schools have equipped thousands of students to become disciples who transform their world no matter what their next step in life is after graduation. Whether they’ve gone on to higher education or have become a bold entrepreneur, KCS is proud to inspire students reach their potential by developing a strong foundation for their future. Read what our community is saying about us below.

May 2020-With so much uncertainty surrounding us, one thing is certain; Kalamazoo Christian went above and beyond to ensure our children’s education continued. As a public school educator, I saw schools trying to integrate eLearning, but teaching seemed limited to reviewing material already learned. Our children, however, learned new content that was vital for the next grade. I believe that Kalamazoo Christian was better prepared for our current situation and quicker to roll out a true plan of learning. While the local public schools scrambled to make plans, Kalamazoo Christian was teaching our children. You may think, “Is ELearning worth it? Should I be paying tuition for this?” The answer is a resounding “YES!” Our children have received consistent education during all of the world’s current inconsistencies – it is surely worth the cost.

Quarantine Testimonial

KCES does community really well. I love how well the staff are getting to know my son and encourage him personally. Education is done in a very fun, well-balanced way with lots of time for play, exploration, free time outside, and intentional learning activities. We obviously love the Spanish Immersion program too.

Survey Response
Elementary Parent 2

What does KCS do well? Besides the obvious of teaching curriculum well, the school is very focused on showing love and compassion to all students. Our kids are learning amazing life lessons and Christian principles.

Survey Response
Elementary Parent

We were new to the K-Christian community this year (2021-22), and truthfully it has been the biggest blessing to our family in many ways. Our children are thriving, and happy! We appreciate the staff so much, everyone has been so welcoming and kind, our girls feel important and valued. The families are incredible, and very like minded in values. Our biggest regret was not making the transition earlier in our girls education, but we do feel so fortunate that they are able to attend for the duration of high school. The relationships they have built will certainly last a lifetime!

New Family Survey Response
2022 K-Christian Parent

I have so much comfort & peace knowing my children are being hugged, smiled at, prayed over, and that my kids have teachers who are filled with the love of Jesus and Holy Spirit led with teaching/guidance.

New Family Survey Response
2022 K-Christian Parent 2

K Christian is a community of faithful individuals who strive to provide a Christ centered rigorous academic experience. The community is infectious and oozes pride and positivity.

New Family Survey Response
2022 K-Christian Family