KCS Advancement Office

Why do we exist?

To communicate, advance, and fund the school’s mission and strategic plan.

What do we do?

We connect people to the school, cultivate meaningful relationships and create and sustain a culture of joyful giving.

How do we succeed?

We become a welcoming gateway that

  • includes and recognizes our community; alumni, donors, students, families, faculty and staff (CELEBRATES!)
  • communicates effectively, encouraging our community to feel connected, inspired, and moved to make a meaningful difference for KCS and its students (TELLS STORIES!)
  • presents opportunities for our community to engage through enrolling, volunteering, giving, and advocating to further our mission (INVITES!)
  • gives all the glory to God (PRAISES!)

Who are we?

Development Director – Scott Pease

Retention and Recruitment Specialist – Jaime Ekkens

Administrative Assistant – Christine Augustine

Alumni Relations – Connie VanDerSlik

Communications Specialist – Abigail Chenoweth