College Resources for High Schoolers

With the college resources provided by Kalamazoo Christian High School, students can find everything they need to learn more about college, learn what is required of them to get into the college of their dreams, learn how financial aid works, and more. We want students and parents to feel prepared to take the next step in their education by the time graduation comes around, and the resources we provide help achieve this. See our compiled list of resources below!

College Board offers a very extensive college search, including their ‘College Matchmaker’ which allows students (or parents) to conduct a very individualized college search based on criteria such as preferred major, location, extracurricular opportunities, college size, and more.

Occupational Outlook Handbook is a website managed by the US Department of Labor. Students can use this website to research careers, including information about education required, compensation possible, and the future job outlook for people trained in various careers.

The Common Application is used by various colleges throughout the United States, including the University of Michigan and several other Michigan colleges and universities. If a student is required by a college to use the Common Application, they will need to create an account on this website.

NCAA Eligibility Center is the organization through which all students desiring to play Division I or Division II athletics must apply. Students are responsible for registering with the clearinghouse at the end of their junior year. Students are also responsible for making sure that they are taking the proper classes to meet the eligibility standards.

Financial Aid Resources

FinAid is the “smart guide to financial aid” and provides answers to a huge number of financial aid questions, from scholarships and loans to the best way to save for college. A valuable resource for parents of younger children as well as those close to college

Federal Student Aid is a comprehensive website from the US Dept. of Education which answers important questions like “How do I prepare for college?” and “What types of aid can I get?” and “Do I qualify for aid?” and “How do I apply for Aid”

FAFSA Online is the site all parents will use in January/February of their student’s senior year to fill out and submit your online FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

State of Michigan Office of Scholarships and Grants provides information about scholarships and grants available only to students in MI

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation offers excellent scholarships for students graduating from Kalamazoo County high schools

FastWeb allows students to set up a profile and conduct a scholarship search using the information they enter

Federal Trade Commission Information on Scholarship Scams is a good resource for parents who may have questions about the validity of scholarship offers