Questions about Our Private Schools

When you have questions about Kalamazoo Christian Schools, we try our best to have an answer! Whatever you need to know about our classes, staff, admissions process, or anything else that you may be curious about, KCS has the answers to help. Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below to see responses to some of the questions we are most often asked.

We know it’s a big deal to consider a new school, so our Enrollment Team is available all year long at the Association/Administration Office. Please call us at 269-381-2044 and Connie, Mindy, or Jaime will be so happy to speak with you.

Tuition is based on cost of education. In our efforts to be attainable to anyone who desires Christ-centered education, we do offer financial aid for those who qualify. You can view current rates here.

Yes. You may choose the plan that works best for your family. You may choose to pay monthly or annually. Choosing to pay annually allows a discount of $50 per child.

Fill out the Financial Aid application.  It takes about 45 minutes of your time. FACTS will provide the school with their determination of what your family is able to pay in tuition. The school determines financial aid based on a family’s level of need as well as funds available in the Annual Fund. The school typically sends an email notifying parents of aid awarded 3-4 weeks after the application has been submitted. If you have any questions about this process please contact

We provide a Christ-centered education across all divisions of the school and encourage church attendance for all students in K-12. The Bible is our foundation and we work intentionally to help our students grow spiritually. Every family is asked to acknowledge the importance of the Home, School and Church partnership and commit to that partnership as a family. If you have a local church home, you are asked to please have your pastor complete the Pastor’s Recommendation form as part of the Application. If you are moving into the area, or currently do not have a church home but are looking to find one, please inform us in your application.

In our efforts to provide the highest quality of education, we use what we consider to be the best textbook for the specific area being taught. Therefore, we use a variety of textbooks. We believe that a textbook in the hands of a Christian teacher can be an amazing tool, especially as we view all of life from a Reformed Worldview.  All of our teachers are Christians who claim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. They are dedicated to presenting their subject matter from a Christian perspective and they daily integrate faith and learning.

Anyone living in the Kalamazoo Public school system receives busing from that district. For those who live outside of those school districts, we provide Kalamazoo Christian School bus transportation for a nominal fee. More detailed busing information is available on request by calling (269) 381-2044.

We do not have uniforms. We do have a dress code that is enforced. It is specifically stated in our school manual.

Yes, all of our teachers are state-certified. Our system financially supports and requires continuing education and professional development for our staff. Many of our staff members have advanced degrees in their field.