Spiritual Life at Kalamazoo Christian

Undeniably Christian. Academically Excellent

These define the educational experience at Kalamazoo Christian School. We believe that each student is a unique individual, created and loved by God. At KCS, we embrace the opportunity to develop each student’s God-given talents and skills in a spiritual and academic community. We are all living out God’s calling for our lives as students, teachers, staff members, and parents; our goal at KCS is to provide the training and support needed for each student and teacher to develop their faith more deeply and achieve their highest levels of learning so that we become “disciples who transform the world.” 

What does it mean to be Undeniably Christian?

Our Faithlines are expressions of our beliefs about God, the Bible, and our role as Christians in this world. Everything falls underneath God’s domain. We aim to claim all things for God and understand all things through a Biblical lens. The work of developing a Christian worldview is life-long, and one that teachers and students continually strive toward. Teachers guide students to consider Biblical text and Christian perspectives in academic topics, current events, and issues of spiritual growth. Teachers correct and guide students concerning behavior and social issues to continually see our calling as Christ-followers and fulfilling our calling to love God and our neighbor. We are committed to bringing our school community together to explore our relationship with God and each other through subdivision- and  school-wide chapels, cross grade buddy and community activities, and grade level worship times. Our emphasis on faith formation as teachers and students extends to all subjects and all parts of our day, woven with purpose by our staff and embraced by students as they gain the maturity to consider these concepts independently. 

We provide developmentally appropriate ways to practice our Faithlines from preschool through grade 12. Bible courses begin with a child- like foundation of faith and wonderment in preschool, advancing to deeper exposure to Bible stories and memory work as elementary school progresses. By middle school students learn habits of faith while in high school the Bible courses allow students to mature in their faith, study apologetics, and wrestle with ethical, doctrinal, and cultural topics.

The KCS Experience

In addition to exploring their faith through a Bible Curriculum, students at Kalamazoo Christian Schools also take part in a number of activities and events which deepen their spiritual journey. Students receive a well-rounded Christian experience in a variety of ways.

  • Regularly-scheduled chapels for each grade/subdivision.
  • Students complete community service hours and get involved in volunteer organizations.
  • Staff members are committed Christians who lead and provide mentorship to students in their spiritual growth.