Elementary School

Our Elementary program consists of two tracks– English and Spanish Immersion. In language development, each program focuses on helping students develop a high level of skill in reading and writing, and a depth of grammar knowledge. Spanish Immersion students spend their class time interacting and working in Spanish only, with English specific skills being added in 3rd and 4th grades. English program students use their native language as a foundation for their learning, and have weekly classes in Spanish to begin to develop a 2nd language foundation. Grade level teachers work closely to assure that our English and Spanish Immersion students receive intensive and hands-on opportunities to learn through our cohesive math, social studies, and science programs. Students participate in monthly STEM activities across grade level to challenge them to apply their math and science knowledge in new and creative ways. Technology class focuses on developing student tech skills, including keyboarding, coding, internet safety, and 3D printing. Our art, music, PE and “Cultura” (Culture) class help students explore their talents and develop skills in many areas, using a wide variety of instruments, artistic styles, and physical skills to support a well-rounded education. Above all, each teacher considers ways to consistently weave the student experience with Faithlines and a Christian worldview.  Students in our Elementary School see all learning as a part of God’s work in our lives as well as a continuation of their faith formation from year to year. Students will end their time in elementary ready for the challenges of middle school, confident in their academic abilities, and with a clear foundation for their faith in God.