A Private Middle School Curriculum

When our fifth graders enter the Middle School wing for the first time, there is a sense of awe as they experience switching classrooms, a sense of excitement at the greater level of independence, and energy! for new academic pursuits. Teachers support this exuberance in many ways, including Genius Hour for students to explore STEM projects, try to solve real-life problems to present at WMU’s Innovation Day, and take some extra time to practice new organizational skills for success in middle school. Also, 5th graders end their year with Science Camp, a 3 day experience in the wooded acreage of our campus with an end goal of academic and spiritual growth by leaps and bounds. All 5th and 6th graders learn to play a band instrument which they may choose to continue through high school. Also exploring the arts, all Middle School Students have the challenge of participating in the State Choir Competition. Medieval Festival, Engineering Day at Michigan’s Adventure, and the 8th grade Timber Ridge ski trip are all experiences that challenge our students to grown in all ways-patience, kindness, gentleness and self control, but also in intellect.

The courses taught in 5th-8th grade are stimulating, and taught by teachers who truly care about them and are experts in their fields. Teachers weave Faithlines into the curriculum, guiding students to dive deep into challenging questions of faith and Christian character. In addition to the foundational classes, Middle School offers students exposure to Coding and Drones, Financial Peace, 2D and 3D art. Always popular are the intramural sports which keep these students active during recess, and many organized sports are available through our MS Athletic Department, or our K Christian Clubs.

Students will graduate from Middle School challenged to reach their highest potential both academically and spiritually, inspired to use their talents to love and serve God and their world, and equipped to face the next steps that high school has to offer.