Band Enrichment: PPJ (6th-8th)

PPJ (6th-8th)

PPJ stands for Private, Praise, and Jazz. It is also a reference to format: Private, Private, Jam!  As well as a program goal: Prelude & Postlude in July!  Students may participate for 1 week/$74, 2 weeks/$126, or 3 weeks/$159.

PPJ times arranged between between 9AM-12PM, June 13-July 1. Invitation to play Prelude & Postlude with Third CRC Praise Band 9:30AM, Sunday, July 3. Rehearsal for church service starts at 8:30AM. Playing with the Praise Band at Third CRC Sunday, July 3 is an opportunity family/student can opt out of.

Handout available at Elementary Office explains program in more detail.