Volunteer Registration

Thank you for your interest in registering as a volunteer at Kalamazoo Christian Schools – this is also the correct page if you need to have a background check in order to volunteer as a Chaperone with extended student contact (such as at Science Camp).

This registration is online. Note that you must use your FULL LEGAL NAME when filling out the forms. In addition, if you need the background check option for Science Camp, you MUST select Science Camp Chaperone as desired “function.”

The process makes a distinction between our Stadium Drive and 12th Street campuses, so if you are volunteering for Middle School OR Elementary School, you should select 12th Street even though the system identifies that as our “elementary” school.

In addition, before volunteering, you must also check in at the school office at some time so that your driver license can be scanned in. Thank you for being willing to help at Kalamazoo Christian!

Click Here to Begin Volunteer Registration