Kristin Slater

Bible Teacher, High School

Serving since 2021.

Kristin has been a classroom teacher at Kalamazoo Christian Elementary and taught academic support at Tree of Life School. Her husbands name is Joshua, and our Children are Brayden (8th), Rylee (6th) and Lizzie (3rd), and we have two dogs- Gus and Annie. She loves cycling, being a part of activities at church and helping lead our children’s program, and going on vacations with our family, especially ones where we go hike and explore a new area. The Kalamazoo Christian School community has always been a part of her life. The schools are where she grew up and began to develop her Christian worldview. The community is the place where she has always found love and encouragement. It has now become the place where Josh and her find support in raising our children in knowledge and faith. She can see clearly how God has been preparing her for this position and she is so excited to be a part of this community as a teacher again.