The Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP)

TRIP cards and e-scrip are gift cards that allow a percentage of the standard purchase price to be donated to a tuition account of your choice. For example, a ten dollar card might generate one dollar toward the tuition account of your child or grandchild. If you buy and use the cards for purchases that you would make anyway, it is the same as getting free money for your child to go to school. Alternatively, you can opt to have the amount deposited into the KCSA Financial Aid general fund to support those families who may be struggling to provide their children with a Christian education.

Where to Buy TRIP

During the school year, TRIP  can be purchased at both campuses on Wednesdays. Order forms and payment should be dropped off at the Offices of each campus before 8:00 on Wednesdays. These orders will be processed  and be delivered to the pick up locations selected on your TRIP registration form each Wednesday afternoon.

Instant TRIP is available all year at the Association Office at the Stadium Dr. Campus during their normal business hours. You can complete an order form, pay, and then obtain the gift cards any day you wish to pop in.  (Please note that business hours change during the summer months.)

Online ordering is available 24/7. You can order actual cards or e-scrip through the website. E-scrip can be printed on your printer at home and then used as a gift card, or you may be able to pull up the e-scrip on your phone and many stores will scan that for payment. This allows you the freedom of not having to carry around gift cards. The website also offers “sales” so you can benefit from receiving higher percentages when they run their special events.

Mobile ordering is also available 24/7 through the RaiseRight App. It is easy to set up and then your “virtual wallet” is always available, even if your physical wallet is not. See instructions below for signing up.

Pertinent documents and information:

For additional information, please see the documents below. If you have any questions about the TRIP program, please email Barb at


TRIP Policies (updated for 2021-2022)

RAISE RIGHT Instructions

Weekly TRIP Order Form

Instant TRIP Jan-2023